About CodingBlackArts.com

The Coding Black Arts (CodingBlackArts.com) was started in 2020 by Alan Burstein for the purpose of introducing new Transact SQL (T-SQL) techniques and algorithms developed for improving query performance leveraging more than 20 years experience writing declarative code including various flavors of SQL, XSLT, MDX, and pure functional programming (FP)languages such as Clojure. The techniques and algorithms detailed in this blog can be applied to other flavors of SQL, Python, most FP languages, .NET, and most big data and NOSQL platforms.

Alan is a guest Author for SQLServerCentral.com (SSC), the #1 education and community site for SQL Server with multiple published articles and scripts. Alan has been active on multiple SQL forums since 2011, including 2400+ posts on SSC and StackOverFlow.

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